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I am 26. Up until about 6 months ago, I was short sighted. I had been thinking about having laser surgery for two years, but unfortunately my prescription wasn’t stable. So at the end of last year, I had my yearly check-up and FINALLY my prescription had stabilized! I had all of my tests to check that I was a suitable candidate for LASIK, the bookings were made, and I was set to go!

It wasn’t until the day of the operation that I started to get a little nervous. So off I go to have LASIK, a little nervous but still nothing I can’t handle. Having had the procedure I am very happy to say that it was so much better than I thought it would be. In fact, I had it video taped and just after the corneal flap was cut you can hear me saying “Was that it??” I think that really sums up the whole experience for me.

It was over before I knew it. And I have to say that I was so happy with, not only the procedure, but with the ‘no pain’ factor post-operatively. I had a slight stinging sensation for about 2 hours afterwards, and that was it!

Upon testing the next day, my vision was 20/20 in the right eye, and 20/30 (the line above 20/20) in the left eye! Not bad for the first day.

In two weeks, I had 20/20 vision in both eyes with no glasses! It’s six months on now, and my vision is still 20/20 in both eyes. Many thanks to Dr Robinson for his personal care and attention to detail.




I’m 32 and have been short-sighted and wearing glasses for most of these years. Over the recent years I have been curious about refractive surgery to correct my vision but up until this year, had been both too busy and too nervous to do anything further. This year I made the decision to do something about it, So I began my investigations. I spoke to a multitude of people who had the procedure done and contrary to the concern and somewhat negativity from some friends and family, I had not met one person who after actually having the procedure done, wasn’t completely satisfied with the result.

Then it was a question of who and when. I had referrals from my local GP, clippings of advertising from media etc. but the best referral I could ever hope for was the same Doctor who a very close friend of mine used with great success, as she virtually had the same “script” as mine, and she and her family had known this Doctor for all of their lives. This was Dr. David Robinson.

I felt confident and comfortable with David from the very first consultation to the last consultation. One of the things that impressed both myself and my husband about him was that he was totally honest. Honest in his advice of every possible scenario, honest in his answers to my questions (of which there were many!).

David (and his team) were fastidious. In fact I had more double and triple readings and checks than I could count. This, combined with David’s great sense of humour and obvious exceptional skill and knowledge, made for an excellent partnership, so rarely formed between members of the medical profession and the public.

Finally, the result. I now have the sight (if not better) than ordinary people with perfect 20/20 vision take for granted. To have perfect vision 24 hours a day, every day, without the aid of glasses or contact lenses. To be able to see clearly and sharply for miles, read whatever I want to read. After a lifetime of not being able to do this, how can words possibly express this feeling? Likewise, how can words possibly thank Dr. David Robinson.